Tuesday, April 10, 2012

-Una turns 4-

Una the beagle is four years old today!  {Yes, I admit, we are those people...the ones who celebrate their pet's birthday.}  I was away at school for her first three years, so it was nice to finally be here to fuss over her {just a little bit}.  She is our first {canine} baby, after all.  She definitely had a fun-filled day.  

First, we went for a walk in the country, and she made some new friends:

These strange creatures (Alpacas, I think) remind me of a cross between a camel, an ewok and a weird teddy bear.  Most of them were really cute, with funny personalities, though one or two were just a little creepy and intense.  They sort of reminded me of a cult the way they all stood together in one place and just stared at us.

Then we stopped for lunch and Una had a hamburger (a real treat since I try not to feed her human food):

In the afternoon, she dressed up in her best party attire, ate a bunch of cookies...

...and then crashed out with her new toys.

She woke up again just in time to blow out the candles on her cake.  
{Turns out, she's not very good at blowing at candles, so we did it for her.}

Happy birthday, Una!  

She really has brought us a lot of joy over the last four years, and I'm so glad she was here to keep Chris company while I was away at school.  We hope she's around to celebrate many more doggie birthdays to come!

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  1. Happy birthday, Una! I literally laughed out loud at your comment that the alpacas were kind of like cult members. They are indeed cute in a borderline creepy way! -Chloe