Tuesday, September 22, 2015


*A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015*

Matteo: Proud big brother.  I was a little apprehensive about having you hold a tiny 5 1/2 pound baby in your arms, but I couldn't have asked for you to be any sweeter or gentler with her.  You sat very still and held her so lovingly.  When she started to slip a little you asked us to prop her back up.  You were full of smiles and happiness the whole time, and giggled when she tried to eat your thumb.  It made my heart swell to watch my two babies together for the first time.  Who knew it was possible for your heart to double in size?  I am so proud of what an amazing big brother you have been in these first days of life with a baby in the house and I am so excited for the adventures ahead.

Lilah: It's so exciting to be writing you this first entry!  You're here a little earlier than we expected, but we are so blessed and thankful to have you.  I was tucking your brother into bed when my water broke at 37 weeks, so off to the hospital we went, completely unprepared.  You were born a smidge under six pounds, but have started to lose a little weight this first week and look so tiny to me!  I'm feeding you constantly in the hope that you'll start to put some of that weight back on quickly.  We've been spending our first days together in a sleepless loop of eat-cuddle-poop-repeat and it feels like a hazy dream.  I'm trying to focus on really enjoying every detail of you, since I know how quickly those tiny toes and fingers grow.  Welcome to the world, Lilah Ginevra.  You are so so loved.

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