Sunday, January 21, 2018


* A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2017*

Matteo and Lilah: An elf joined our family this year.  At first, his name was "Washing Machine," but it eventually changed to "Elfie."  Elfie loves to have fun and he occasionally gets into mischief.  He can usually be spotted in the early morning and then again after school.  At night he flies back to the North Pole to hang out with Santa.  I thought this would be a fun year to introduce an elf to you guys, because your belief in magic and all its wonderful possibilities is so strong right now.  Matteo, you were particularly excited by Elfie's antics.  The first thing you did every morning and afternoon when you got home from school was to look for him.  We would all know when you found him, because loud yells of delight and surprise would reach our ears from any room in the house.  "Oh my gosh!  Come look at what Elfie's doing!!"  You had lots of questions, too, this year about Santa and how he delivers presents (what if there's no chimney?  why can't I call Santa?  how does Elfie get in the house?).  You asked me if I believed in Santa.  I told you I choose to believe in magic.  It makes the world a nicer place.  The fact that you have already thought of this question reminds me just how few precious years we have left for you to believe in the wonder and beauty of magic.  I hope a little bit of that wonder will stay in your heart for a long time.  

Lilah, you loved Elfie, too.  I was relieved, because you were not a fan of Santa.  You refused to sit on his lap.  I don't blame you.  He is a weird stranger at the mall.  Elfie was much more inviting, like a part of our family.  "Look, Mama, Elfie!  Elfie right there, Mama!"  During the day, while Matteo was at school, you liked to hang out near him and point him out to me over and over.  Matteo's excitement every time Elfie moved to a new spot was something you picked up on quickly.  It made you excited, too.  I could see that excitement taking root in your little heart.  This was you learning about magic for the first time.  After Christmas, we had to say goodbye to Elfie, which made you both pretty sad.  Every so often, you still ask about him.  "Where's Elfie, Mama?" and I tell you he went back to the North Pole.  "Awwww, I miss Elfie."  Don't worry.  I'm sure he'll be back next year. 

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  1. Hi Adrianne, Just remembered your blog and did some catching up--hope we can in person now that we are in the West. If you're ever in Berkeley/Bay Area, or Oregon for a home visit, let me know! Eva