Wednesday, January 25, 2012

-The world on a string-

Alexander Calder made mobiles from delicately balanced forms.  His inspiration?  What he called the "system of the universe."  He described his mobiles as a relationship between form and imagination: "The Universe is real but you can't see it.  You have to imagine it.  Then you can be realistic about reproducing it."  No wonder mobiles are such a popular part of nursery decor.  Babies look at them with new eyes and have the ability to imagine no less than an entire universe of color and design twirling softly above their heads!  I've had a lot of trouble deciding exactly which mobile to hang in our nursery (there are so many great ones!), so I think I'll probably end up with several.  After all, baby should have lots to look at!  Yesterday I made this one from colored paper by attaching circles with little metal rings:

{The colors look really pretty in daylight and at night they cast fun shadows on the wall.}
  {Here's what baby will see!  I love how the circles make different shapes as they spin.}

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