Wednesday, February 1, 2012

-Up, and away-

Here's mobile #2 that I made for the baby's room yesterday.  I really like the ethereal feel of clouds in kids rooms and these ones are puffy and light, made from felt and then hand stitched together (with my very limited sewing skills).  I added turquoise sequins to mimic rain drops (really shiny and sparkly ones, much happier than the gray skies I remember from Oregon winters).  We don't get much rain here, so this is a subtle reminder of our beloved Northwest.  I attached everything to a little twig collected on our afternoon walk.  The picture quality isn't very good (sorry!) because there was so much nice light streaming in there this morning.  All this sunshine makes it feel like spring!  I'm glad the baby will have a nice light-filled space to grow and play in.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! Can you believe Judah doesn't have any mobiles? Well, he had a horribly ugly spinning one that played music attached to his crib, but that really isn't quite the same as the darling ones you are making.