Sunday, April 1, 2012

-Currently Craving...-

...chocolate and lemons (yes, together).  But especially lemons.  I've gone through like 5 gallons of lemonade this week--I'm not sure if it's being overheated all the time that makes lemons sound so good, or if I'm in need of Vitamin C.  Either way, I can't get enough!  How did I never know that chocolate cupcakes and lemonade are perfection together? (Although I am trying not to eat any more chocolate cupcakes now that I have to step on the doctor's scale weekly).  Today, I made lemon cake to go with my lemonade.  This craving must be very obvious because Chris even brought home a little Montale poem about lemons today.  Here's an excerpt, in honor of my citrus craving:

"Quando un giorno da un malchiuso portone
tra gli alberi di una corte
ci si mostrano i gialli dei limoni;
e il gelo del cuore si sfa,
e in petto ci scrosciano
le loro canzoni
le trombe d'oro della solarita'."

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