Saturday, June 30, 2012


1.  Matteo + pear.
2.  Up with baby, watching Fantastic Mr. Fox.
3.  A little show.
4.  Coco and Leo love to cuddle.
5.  Slow dancing to "Over the Rainbow".  Both exhausted and in need of a good bath.
6.  Rainbow stacker.  {Free with my last diaper order!}
7.  Band-aids from his two-month immunizations.  Saddest thing ever. 
8.  Risotto with homemade pistachio pesto.
9.  His little fists are still closed most of the time.
10.  Tiny outfits that Matteo has outgrown already!
11.  A great book {that I have no time to read}.
12.  Contact.
13.  A very messy crib.  Papa pulled out all the stops during playtime.
14.  He loves his binky.
15.  So much.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I know, shots are so. Hard. :( I hope he felt better quickly! We find having a binky or a bottle on hand afterwards helps a bit. Wesley usually does ok with the first shot in the leg, but the second one is when he really wails, and it's so hard not to just burst into tears right then and there..

    You and Matteo are looking precious, as always. He's growing so fast! And what handsome eyes!

    And I hope you have a wonderful time with family this weekend!