Sunday, August 5, 2012


1.  napping with papa'.
2.  and with la mamma.
3.  stuffed tomatoes (ti stavamo pensando, lella!)
4.  a thrift store score for matteo.
5.  local chili burgers + sweet potato fries for lunch.
6.  his favorite little blanket.
7.  he still gets blue in the afternoon sometimes.
8.  splish splash, matteo taking a bath.
9.  watching the olympics.  mesmerized.
10.  homemade eggplant fritters.
11.  and pesto.
12.  his best friend, sophie.
13.  this tiny one grabs everything in sight.
14.  sometimes afternoons are just cozier in bed.
15.  our first attempt to eat at a real restaurant with baby.
16.  we got about 3/4 of the way through the meal.
17.  pretty colorado light at dusk.
18.  looking like daddy.
19.  fresh veggie harvest from the garden.
20.  we've started to take advantage of private spaces for bottles and diaper changes.
21.  a corner of the nursery.
22.  he's learning how to be a hippie.
23.  and loving it!
24.  little watermelon pyramids.
25.  a happy baby.
26.  those chunky legs!
27.  heart-shaped bruschetta.
28.  goodnight, teddy bear toes!

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