Saturday, September 29, 2012

Matteo Goes Apple Picking.

Today, we took Matteo on his first apple-picking excursion.  We had so much fun introducing him to this special autumn tradition!  The apples were beautiful ripe shades of red, green and even a pretty deep orange.  We filled a little basket with a variety of apples before we got too hot and had to retreat back to the shadier car.  These little apples are the perfect size for Matteo's tiny hands and he really liked grabbing them.  He also kept trying to put them in his mouth.  At the end of the day, Chris washed them all and put them on a blanket so Matteo could roll around with them for a while.  He thought it was hilarious.  Tomorrow, we'll bake an apple pie with our harvest.  I might freeze a little applesauce, too, for when Matteo starts eating solid foods, so that he, too, can enjoy the fruits of his labor.  Yay for Nature's candy!


  1. I love the photos of Matteo laughing among the apples! WAY better than Anne Geddes!

  2. Beautiful pictures! He is getting so big!