Monday, August 11, 2014


*A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014.*

Matteo: In one of your sweeter moods, offering mamma some flowers: "Mamma's fers".  Your language has really started expanding this week to include three word phrases, like "Mamma, come in" (an invitation to join you in the bath or pool) and "Don't do that" (I have no idea, of course, where you might have heard that).  You're also very into playing or sleeping under blankets and you repeat "un-der, un-der, un-der" like fifty times, until all of your animals, mamma, papa, some toys and various objects are all safely "un-der" your makeshift fort with you.  You got a baby doll this week, which you named "Maze", and you love to push him around at furious speeds in the little pink stroller we picked up at a garage sale.  You tuck him down in, nestled snugly against the other random treasures you deem worthy of a place in the stroller (balls, a plastic spoon, a sunflower).  It's exciting to watch your imagination expanding through play, and I can't wait to see what games you'll think of next.

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