Wednesday, August 26, 2015


*A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2015*

Recently Overheard Things:

"Mama, build an Umi City with me!  It will be the tallest biggest city."
"Balloons have helium, which makes them float like this" (elaborate dancing and waving of arms).
"You look cute on the toilet, Mama."
"When I get big and strong, I'm going to lift a car!  I don't want to grow big and tall.  I'll skin my knee."
"I ate a carrot!  Now I can have dark vision."
"I'm walkin' like a monster, Mama!" (Me: "How do monsters walk?") You: "With monster feet!"
"You have spooky eyes when you're upset."
"Mama, I want to buy the biggest toilet ever.  It will be golden and big.  It will be so so tall.  It will be a flush handle."
"I want to say hi to all the ladies!"
"How many weeks til the baby?" (Me: "A few more weeks.") You: "So, Thursday, Monday, cloudy day, rainy day, froggy day, then baby?"
"I want to kiss someone on a plane."
"You sure love chocolate donuts, Mama."
"I want to go on the moon one day."
"You're beautiful and your baby's beautiful!"
(Talking to a rubber duck in the bath) "I'll throw you, banana!  You're a banana!"
"The rainbow looks like an ice cream sundae eating an ice cream sundae.  It looks like a cowboy eating an ice cream sundae!"
"Mama looks like a sunflower."
"Goodnight, cars.  Goodnight, moon.  Goodnight, houses.  Goodnight, bom boms.  Goodnight, ladders.  Goodnight, hamburgers.  Goodnight, gas tank.  Goodnight, rocks.  Goodnight, chingy chingy.  Goodnight, nobody.  Goodnight, puddles.  Goodnight, castles.  Goodnight, whole city."

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