Friday, March 4, 2016


*A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016*

Matteo: Recently Overheard Things:
"I like teeter totter...teeter totter, teeter totter, falling spider!"
"What a glorious day it is!"
(Making loud noises while holding a stuffed raindrop pillow) "I'm just making this noise because I'm stretching my brain with my raindrop."
"Mama, I saved some eggs for you.  Wait til' you try it, it's gonna be aaamazing!"
"I invented this thingamajig.  You just put a celebration in it, and when you turn it on...TADA, a celebration!"
(Gets in bathtub) "It's a bubble party!  Mama, can I have some streamers?  I only have a few streamers.  What are we going to do if we don't have enough streamers?  We won't be able to do the bubble party."
"Will you tell me a story about Matteo and his friends havin' a night over sleep?" (Sleepover)
"I love rock n' roll...put another dime in the juice box, baby!"
(Me) "Matteo, please don't lick your sister!"
(Papa) "Matteo, you have to wear underwear.  It's just what people do."
"Papa big pop pop Lilah bing!"
"I'm going to wash your big socks, mama.  One at a time, veeery carefully."
"You have to watch the my little pony with me.  But they're nice.  Don't worry, they won't eat you.  I'll protect you."
"Here's my invention.  When the water is dirty, it sprays new water and when the bottom is dusty it cleans the dusty up."
"Mama, I've got some napkins for you.  I wrapped them up because it's 'I Love You Day'."
"I love my baby sister.  I'm going to take care of her."

Lilah: Five months old!  You are smiling all the time now and are so sweet and curious.  You watch everything we do with rapt attention, as if making mental notes about the way things work.  You are mostly happy, but definitely want to be held for the majority of the day.  You've also started refusing to sleep in your crib, preferring to be snuggled right at my side.  You are days away from rolling over, working so hard to throw your little leg over your body with enough force to propel you the rest of the way.  It's very exciting to watch, but you get a little frustrated after a few failed attempts.  It's hard not to give you the little extra push you need, but I know you'll get it on your own soon enough and you'll be rolling across the room like a pro.

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