Monday, May 16, 2016


*A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016*

Matteo: Recently Overheard Things:
"Did you know that ants drink nectar?  Do bees drink nectar?  To make honey?  To put on toast?  I wish I had some toast."
"Zoom zoom!  I'm a superhero!  I save the day!"
(While playing with Legos) "The police put a pirate in this cave because he cooked someone's apple tree!"
"Look, they're doing construction.  Maybe they're making a party machine factory!"
(Randomly) "How would you feel if you left your koala at the doctor?"
"This is my stuffed animal.  His name is Flamingo.  He's seven.  He pops juice out of his nose.  But not bad juice, good juice.  Grape juice.  He can hop on your belly!"
"Pepperoni is fiery in your mouth!"
"Mama, there's a package at the door!  Is it a robot factory?" 
"Mama, I love you.  You're a ballerina with a heart on top and a bow in your hair!"
"I really want to go to the dirty laundromat and wash some clothes.  Can I have my birthday party there?"
"Mama, something went down the drain.  It was curly and spiffy."
"My toes are havin' a dance party!"
"Look, I made a bubblemoltano!" (Bubble mountain volcano)
"Mama, can we go to the store to get a scrub brush and soap so I can scrub down the shower walls?"
"I love you to the moon, to the Pluto to the earth and back again!"
"When you were pregnant, you waited and waited.  Then I popped up and you found me!"
"Sorry for saying shipface."
 "If you be mean to your Mama, you'll turn into a meatball!"
(While looking in a trifold mirror) "Mama, look at all the Matteos!  Peek-a-boo, every Matteo!"

Lilah: Your favorite toys this week:
Monday: Sophie the giraffe and an orange plastic spoon
Tuesday: Your brother's toothbrush and a fistful of grass
Wednesday: A mini board book and a yellow block
Thursday: A blue plastic spoon and Mama's lipstick
Friday: A paper box and one of Matteo's train tracks
Saturday: A pink contact lens holder and a toy piano
Sunday: A piece of crumpled paper and a Magformer tile

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