Thursday, June 9, 2016


*A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016*

Matteo: A Recent Conversation about Water Conservation:
You: (Letting the water run on full blast in the sink)
Me: "Matteo, where do you think our water comes from?"
You: "Whales."
Me: "Whales?"
You: "Yeah, whales!"
Me: "Um, ok...How many whales do you think there are in the world?"
You: "One."
Me: "Just one whale?"
You: "No!  Three."
Me: "Ok, so if there are three whales in the world making all of the water, what would happen if they can't make as much as everyone needs?"
You: "Well, it just goes through the little pipes and into our sink!"
Me: "That's right.  Where do you think it comes from before that?"
You: "The wheel in the water factory!"
Me: "And before that?"
You: "The whale!"
Me: "So what if there were no more whales because too many people used too much water?"
You: (Silence)
Me: "We wouldn't have any more water."
You" "Oh, I see.  That's the problem!"  (Contemplating this revelation)
Me: (Feeling a sense of accomplishment)
You: "We'd better leave the water running, then!"

Lilah: Watching with serious interest as your brother uses the hose to create mesmerizing patterns of water against the sliding glass door.

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