Monday, November 7, 2016


* A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016*

Matteo: Recently Overheard Things:

"What if I could jump all the way to the top of the building and climb around the ceiling?  Wouldn't that be cool?"

"Well, 'funny meow' means you laugh so hard and you can't stop laughing!" (When asked what 'funny meow' means)

"I named my sister 'Somanyhair' because she has so many hairs!"

(At Target) "Mama, I'm in the sponge aisle!"

(After Mama put on perfume) "You smell like my grandma!"

"I want to brush my teeth with my own self!"

"Look, Mama, I'm doin' my work job." (While "cleaning" the house with the mop)

(When asked what a bus is made of) "Motor, tires, steering wheel, tire pump, ice cream, gas pedal (a little one and a big one), horn."

"I'm a hungry tiger!"

"Whales are bumpy and swumpy.  Papa, what does 'swumpy' mean?"

"Mama, you're a noodle head!  A noodle head is someone who eats noodles."

"When I'm bigger, I'll send you some sunglasses and one vacuum and a giant house!"

"Guess what, Mama!  I saw a TV in that garage!  It was a real working TV!  Call Papa and tell him the football game is on!"

"Google if potato bugs have teeth.  Google it, Mama!"

First thing in the morning:
"I wear underoos!"
"Open your eyes, Mama!"
"I really love suitcases!"
"Can I play with my sister?"
"Where are we going today?"

(Singing) "I want to yell and help tonight!"

"You look like a hair princess!" (to Lilah)

"Pumpkins are orange because they were grown in the hospital and they have been painted orange just like oranges.  Oranges are orange because they are orange."

"Mama, this is your dancin' rug and this is my dancin' rug, ok?"

(Telling me about your dream) "I had a dream about a shark and it was trying to eat me!  I was so frightened I hid under the covers.  But the second one was a nice one.  It was me and Mama hugging each other and floating above the sky."

(Another dream) "Mama and Matteo were flying to the moon on a canoe with Papa and Lilah.  Then we ate a popsicle on the moon, all of our family."

"I want to keep Mommy and Daddy forever!  All the way until Christmas!'

Lilah: The cupboard toy bandit strikes again.

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