Tuesday, March 7, 2017


* A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2017*


Favorite Song:     "Turn Down for What" (Alvin and the Chipmunks edition).
Favorite Animal:     Snakes.  No, Bears.  Because they have big teeth.
Favorite Dessert:     Ice cream sundae.
Favorite Activity:     Going on field trips.
Favorite Person:     Mama.
Favorite Place:     Vacation.
Favorite Color:     Like, red and orange and silver and gold.
Favorite Toy:     Washers.
Favorite Holiday:     Christmas.
Favorite Food:     Um, ummmm, um, um, um, um, ummm.  Pizza.  And hamburgers.
Favorite Letter:     M because it starts with my name.
 Favorite Game:     That "Goodnight, Moon" game.
 Favorite Word:    Oooohlas.
 Favorite TV Show:     "How It's Made."
 Favorite Book:     Probably that one with the farmers.
 Favorite Restaurant:     Olive Garden and Chili's.
 Favorite Stuffed Animal:     Snowball.
 Favorite Place You've Never Been:     Hawaii!!!
 Favorite Fruit:     Fresh pineapple from Hawaii.
 Favorite Vegetable:     Carrots. 
Favorite Time of Day:     Night, because I get to sing "Aaaand the cha cha tonight!"
Favorite Thing to Pretend:     Laundry.
Favorite Dance Move:     Juicy Wiggle!


Favorite Song:     "Silent Night"
Favorite Animal:     Doggies
Favorite Dessert:     Ice cream bars
Favorite Activity:     Feeding the doggie
Favorite Person:     Brother (Bubba)
Favorite Toy:     Whatever brother is playing with.
Favorite Food:     Pasta
 Favorite Game:    Feeding the doggie
 Favorite Word:   Baby and doggie
 Favorite Book:    Anything with babies and doggies.
 Favorite Fruit:    Grapes
Favorite Vegetable:     Green beans and zucchini
Favorite Time of Day:     When Bubba gets home from school.
Favorite Thing to Pretend:     Dress-up
Favorite Dance Move:     Juicy Wiggle

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