Tuesday, March 7, 2017


* A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2017*

Matteo:  Recently Overheard Things:

Just a minute!  I'm trying to fix my unstable tower.

Do you like my invention?  It smashes washing machines, then travels cars to a cooling machine then to a smasher that breaks the mirror then puts it back together for forty hours then voila'!

You're beautifuler than any mama! 

It's not bad.  It's actually pretty good.  I like the cheese and the bread, I just wish you had cut the ham smaller (after obviously watching too many cooking competition shows).

I really like jumping with my eyes closed, riding bikes, cooking on the stove and snuggling with Mama.  Maybe I could jump off the bed while cooking on the stove!

Hmmm.  I can draw a scribble dog, a scribbly castle or a scribbly baby.

If I ate five dump trucks full of carrots, would I turn green?

Lilah, you're the bestest sister in the whole world.  Bester than all the other babies!

This feather ears potion makes feathers grow out of your ears!  Try some!

I wanna be a space man!

I'm going to call my sissy "cutie eyes."  That's her new name.

(Singing) Where pom poms play.  It's going to be a chocolate day!

When is Santa thirty?  I mean, when is 10:30?

Do NOT go near the haunted kitchen!

Mama, if my tooth falls out, then I'll have Dracula teeth.

You are a cuddly buttercup!  I want to kiss your cheek!

(Mad) You are NOT sunshine!  You're just a storm, raining thunder!

Look, Mama, I can make my own Whoopie cushion!  (Fills cheeks with air and uses fists to push it out.)
Mama, you can get anything you want in downtown.  Necklaces, rings, diamond flowers.  It's super super pretty.  You can get them all at the downtown stores.

I'll have a double cappu-juice-ccino, please!

Lilah:  Recently Overheard Things:

Wawa (water)
Num (yummy)
Mamina (Mama)
Ooooooh (when something is new)
Whoa whoa whoa! (when something is loud or interesting)
Bubba (brother)
Oof oof (when asked what the doggie says)
Owww owww (when asked what the kitty says)
Oooo oooo (when asked what the owl says)
Nene (when wanting to nurse)
Aaaaah (when wanting to brush teeth)
Dowwwn (when wanting down)
Mo mo (more)
Ewww (when something is yucky)
Bay-beee (when upset, as if to remind us that you are a baby; also, when there is a baby)
Dat (that)
Mo-ney (money; brother taught you this one)
Uh oh! (when you drop something accidentally on purpose) 
Lllo?  llo? (hello?) (when talking to the phone)

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