Monday, January 1, 2018


* A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2017*

Recently Overheard Things:

(Upon releasing a grasshopper caught in the yard) Bye bye, grasshopper friend!

(Picks a sesame seed off of his toast) If you plant one of these seeds, will bread grow?

Have you heard of a gum dispenser?  When you push the go button, it goes 'ding ding ding' and then into the blender and it runs into juice.  Gum juice.  And you have one of those little umbrellas and then you have a nice Hawaiian drink.  With a nice straw!

I wish I had a long stretchy arm that reached all the way to the Earth!  I would grab the moon and give it to you!

Here's what I want, Mama, okay?  A vacuum (a real one!), a toilet kit, hot wheels, a car for dolls, an ice water from Starbucks, maybe one experiments book and one baby book for, Sissy.  Okay, Mama?

Past the Milky Ways and to Jupiter and to outer space and past my hot wheels and then to Nana's house and then home to watch TV for 152 days and then past the Milky Way again to my heart.  That's how much I love Sissy.

When I make my first 100 million dollars, I'll take you to Bora Bora.  And Daddy gets to go to Paris.

Mama, can I have something to break?

Who invented furnaces?  Who invented windshields?  Who invented garage door openers?

Here, Mama, this earth globe is for you.  You can keep all your wishes in it.  You can also have this sparkly one to keep next to it in case you run out of room.

Who invented telephones?  Who invented tires?  Who invented curtain rods?

I tried to take a nap, but I was worried about one big tarantula getting under my pillow.

Mama, here's how you make "Pepper Pepper Soup," okay?  Black pepper, one whole green pepper (stem on), sugar, apple cider vinegar, coffee (Verona blend), half a bottle of (day old) beer, hot water (double boiled) and poisonous flowers.  You have to let it boil for 45 hours.

Who invented vacuum bags?  Who invented radiators?  Who invented toilets?

Recently Overheard Things:

Ready, 2, 5, set, go!

Want wacky roni (macaroni)

I want juice, too, Papa (first full sentence)

Doggie boobee nana uh oh!

Poppy, I'm poopy!

Ting-ee!  (Thank you!)

Night night, bay-beee (tucks baby into bed)

Ho-ly do-ggie!

Want bu-mee beers!

Want go Te-o!  (I want to go with Matteo)

Mommy, I brush teeth!  (I want to brush my own teeth)

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