Saturday, January 6, 2018


* A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2017*

Matteo and Lilah:  This week was a special one for Matteo at school.  It was his Star Student week, which meant something different every day, including a presentation about his family, show and tell of his favorite toy (a washing machine), a special breakfast with his teacher and drawings from his classmates about what makes him special (he is nice, funny and he shares).  He also got to bring Super Dog home for the entire week to share in our family adventures.  This was probably the best part of the experience for Matteo, who really loved having him at his side.  Lilah was pretty excited about our new friend, too.  She called him "Soop-a Dog!"  At the end of the week, we made a book.  Below are the captions for the images.

Saturday was a sunny day, so Super Dog did a little flying and some tree climbing.

Matteo and Super Dog crossed the finish line together at the 2.5K race!

Later, they went to the grocery store.  Super Dog is a crazy driver!

 On Sunday, they went to the corn maze and picked out pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.

  They also shopped for peppers.  Super Dog loves spicy food!

On Monday, Matteo and Super Dog ran into a little trouble with some witches.  They had to use their super powers to escape!

On Tuesday, they went to the library and read books about Dia de los Muertos.

Wednesday was laundry day!  Super Dog did some reading while he waited.

On Thursday, Super Dog jumped in some leaf piles...and some pumpkin piles, too!

Later, he went to the book fair at school...and did a little rock climbing in the gym.

After school, Matteo and Super Dog did some swinging at the park.  They went as high as the clouds!

The End.

Lilah:  "Soop-a Dog" was very cuddly at nap time, too!

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