Sunday, April 22, 2012

Feeling inspired by...

Green and yellow!  This combination feels very fresh and clean this season, evocative of daffodils, sunshine, fresh garden vegetables, sunflowers, lawns and lemonade.  Happy signs of spring are everywhere now, and there's just something about that green and yellow color harmony that makes me think of long sunny days ahead. 

I got this fabulous book in the mail from my friend Chloe...

...and it got me thinking about all the delicious green and yellow baby products out there right now.  

Here's a little green- and yellow-inspired idea board for any mamma looking to add a little spring and summer color to her baby product arsenal:

P.S.  The Shi Shu baby blanket is one of my favorite new things I've bought for baby.  They're actually made from bamboo....and are so soft and cuddly.  Even better, they're on sale right now at Gilt Groupe!

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