Tuesday, February 14, 2012

-San Valentino-

Doilies, glitter, ribbon and paper hearts?  Yes, please.  I really love holidays that call for any of the above.  Chris and I figured out that this is the 5th Valentine's Day we've had since we've been married but the first one we've actually been able to spend together (for the last three I was away at school and the year before that he was at a job interview).  We decided it was the year to go all out, with lots of little surprises.  It was a very happy love-filled day!

We also got our very pretty red stroller in the mail, just in time for San Valentino (thanks so much to nonna Dora and nonno Ray!  Vi ringraziamo di cuore!  We can't wait to use it for afternoon strolls).

Isn't it sweet?

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