Monday, February 6, 2012

-Top 100 Newborn Essentials-

I came across this article on Babble about the "Top 100 Newborn Essentials."  This is really helpful, but also a tad bit LONG.  I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed about having everything that we and the baby will need on time.  I would love to hear other people's opinions about which of these items are best, which might not really be necessary, or if there is something crucial missing from the list.


  1. Well, I know with a baby we can plan all we want, but we never know what will happen when they arrive! Our "plan" is to have our little boy sleep in the bassinet for the first few months, so we're not very worried about getting a crib right away.

    Over and over I hear "you won't need much besides blankets, bottles, diapers, wipes, and clothes for the first few months". Take what works for you two from that list, and forget about the rest. And if you find you are missing something later on, then that's what Amazon is for. :) xoxo

  2. I think it is really subjective. I received gifts from friends full of things they could not live without and some of those things are still sitting in their boxes. There are other things I use constantly that my friends would find pointless. Don't worry about all the stuff. I can guarantee you will have more than enough (especially since he is the first grand-baby, no?). You can always pick things up that you actually need along the way. Also, you should sign up for Amazon Mom. It gives you free 2 day shipping on everything that is even vaguely related to babies/children.