Tuesday, February 28, 2012

-Week 32-

We've arrived at week 32, which means I'm officially 8 months pregnant!  I'm definitely starting to feel--well, weighed down--by all that extra weight and baby's kicks are getting pretty strong.  At night, especially, it feels like he must be practicing his ju-jitsu.  We had our Prepared Childbirth class this weekend.  It was filled with lots of helpful--and scary--tidbits, and I'm not sure if we feel more or less ready for the labor and delivery process (they made us watch "the video").  At least we know for the most part what to expect now.  At this point, I'm planning on a natural delivery--am I crazy?  Honestly, I think I'm more afraid of having a giant needle in my spine than I am of contractions.  Chris cleaned out the baby's closet this morning, so now there's lots of room for tiny outfits to be hung in anticipation.  Some friends gave us a ton of cute hand-me-downs, so we have lots to wash and fold and put away (thanks so much Kellie and John!  You saved us a fortune!)  We also got a delicious little fair-isle cardigan in the mail from my lovely friend Chloe (thank you Chloe and Wes--pics coming soon!)  We finally got our changing table assembled (there are some funny pictures of Chris looking very grouchy toward the end), and now it's ready to be stocked with diapers and accessories (thank you to my sweet mama for the changing table!)  With 8 weeks left, it finally feels like things are on their way to coming together!      

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