Monday, March 12, 2012

-Baby essentials-

Chris and I went shopping for baby essentials this weekend!  It was really fun (probably more so for me), but also exhausting, because there are so many different products to decide between.  One of the more difficult choices for us has been what kind of diapering system to use.  After researching different options, we think we'd like to use cloth diapers as much as possible (there is an exhausting assortment of brands).  So far, I think I'm partial to bum genius; they come with everything you need, including the diaper insert, and they also have a variety of soft colors, which I prefer to the primary ones.  

During the first weeks, though, we've decided to give ourselves a break and use disposables (having a new baby in the house will probably be chaotic enough without all that extra laundry).  The perfect solution are these great eco-friendly diapers that just came in the mail (thank you so much, Courtney!)  They're made from sustainable bamboo without chlorine, bleach or the harsh chemicals associated with oil-based plastics.  Plus, they are too adorable.  Look at the tiny heart design!  Here they are, stacked and ready to go in the changing table.  This actually makes me excited about changing diapers!


  1. We had the same plan, and then WHAMMO! Preemie Wesley arrived a month early! I've yet to find an organic/earth friendly brand that makes preemie diapers, so if you happen to see one, would you let me know?

    I love all your photos, and reading about your excitement for your baby boy. :)

    1. Little Wesley is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love all the pics you've been posting--especially the one where Matt is holding him, because you can really see how tiny he is. He looks so healthy, though! (And very snuggly.) I was so relieved to see that the new family was already home and enjoying your time together. Give him a kiss from me!

      It does seem like a lot of the cloth diapers start around 6 pounds. How very inconvenient. It looks like Kushies makes a preemie size, though (; I don't know much about that brand, but maybe a few of these could get you through until W gets to 6 pounds (I'm sure it won't be long!)

    2. Thank you, Adrianne! Kiss has been given, and he smiled. :) We think he's pretty amazing. What a fighter. He gained 2.5 ounces over the weekend, and I'm really excited to see how much he's gained by Friday. I can't remember my life before his arrival, and I am just relishing every moment. He is just magical!

      Thank you for the link as well! I will check them out.

      I am so excited to see photos of your little one! And you are looking so lovely. You have such a wonderful sense of style.