Friday, May 11, 2012

To the moon.

Matteo is 2 weeks old today!  Time is flying by so quickly already.  This week, his eyes have gotten bigger and he spends more time looking at things than before (he seems particularly fond of the high contrast wallpaper in our bedroom).  He's also filling out a little in the face (those tiny cheeks are getting more and more pinchable) and he seems to have learned how to grasp my hair as I'm writing this (I foresee ponytails in my future).  He is such a sweet-tempered baby and even though this has been a sleepless and spit-up-filled week, we love our dearest little guy to the moon and back.

{P.S.  Thanks so much to comare Francie for the darling blue blanket and to Stephanie, Judy, Janet, Barb and Bill for my happy green sling.  Matteo loves snuggling in them both!}

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