Friday, May 18, 2012

When skies are grey.

Baby Matteo is three weeks old today!  He's changing so quickly and we see him starting to look a little more like me now, too.  {He definitely has Chris' feet, though!}  This has been kind of a tough week with a few little rough patches here and there.  Matteo wants to eat all. the. time. (about every hour) and he's only sleeping in very short increments, so he's up most of the night.  The pediatrician thinks he's probably going through a little growth spurt, so I'm trying to just wait it out.  Of course, it's completely heartbreaking when he just cries and cries because he wants to eat again.  But when he looks at me with those wide knowing eyes or when he giggles in his sleep, every tiring and overwhelming moment just melts away.  Even in the hardest moments, he really is such a beautiful little ray of sunshine. 


  1. Adrianne he is so precious!! There are some tough times in the beginning but it gets easier :) sending you all much love and Alohas :)

  2. So darling, all of you! Get through the first six weeks, and then the first three months--there are lots of thresholds and you can do it!