Friday, June 15, 2012


I'm feeling a bit under the weather today.  I think all the not sleeping is finally getting the best of me.  Poor Matteo had kind of a hard day, too (although I'm definitely starting to see more smiles!).  Still, amidst the tougher moments there were plenty of happy ones, too.  Here's a view of the better bits and pieces of our day:

1.  Play time with some favorite toys.
2.  A happy vintage lion (thanks, Auntie Sarah!)
3.  Rainbow skydiver.  (A cheerful little mobile from Heeryoon, picked up in Korea.)
4.  Some tiny flowers that need planting.
5.  Those booties!
6.  Bootie.
7.  Chocolate chip cookie bars.  Mmm.
8.  A pretty new dress scored at 65% off.
9.  We have apples!
10.  In a basket.
11.  But something is eating them.
12.  His little buddy.
13.  I heart his necktie.
14.  Chris made una bella parmigiana.  Bless him.
15.  Goodnight.

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