Monday, June 11, 2012

The rainbow swing connection.

Our little one turned six weeks old on Friday!  To celebrate, I made donuts and picked up a new snuggly giraffe blanket and a bunch of books and puzzles at a neighborhood garage sale (all for like $4!)  Matteo is definitely growing up (and out) quickly.  I noticed this week that his arm span now equals the width of his cradle--I actually caught him grabbing the bars on either side a few days ago!  At this rate, he'll probably have to move into his crib next month.  We've had a couple of good days this week, with minimal crying and a few really hard days, with maximum crying.  Yesterday he was pretty grouchy (he cried for five hours straight) and we're wondering if it has something to do with a change in barometric pressure due to all the thunderstorms we've been having.  Sometimes "The Rainbow Connection" is the only song that seems to calm him.  I played it a lot while I was pregnant, so I like to think it's an old favorite already!  This week we finally broke down and bought an electric swing.  It came in like a million parts and poor Chris had to put it together.  It's pretty gigantic.  It takes up so much space that it actually feels like a new member of the family!  So far, we've had really good luck getting him to sleep in it about 75% of the time.  When we first put him in he gets a little Stewie Griffin look, like "You're trying to trick me.  I will not succumb!"  A few minutes later, his eyes start to droop ever so slightly and he starts yawning despite his best efforts not to.  Eventually, the swinging and music combination is just too soothing and he falls asleep.  It does look pretty cozy--I wouldn't mind taking a nap in there! 


  1. so glad he likes the swing! Sylvia loves the Foot Book right now. And I, too, sang the Rainbow Connection during really hard colicky days. Here's to fewer and fewer of those!

  2. He is absolutely adorable, but the real star of the show on this post is definitely those doughnuts! :) If you ever get a moment, would you mind emailing me the recipe?! Love to you all!