Sunday, June 3, 2012

We will always...

At five weeks old, Matteo is still having a hard time with reflux/colic (although I'm not convinced that these aren't actually the same thing).  He's also been a lot more snuggly these past few days and only sleeps really well when someone is holding him (he likes to be vertical).  He still eats constantly and weighed ten pounds when we went to the pediatrician's office this week!  I was so surprised by the major increase from seven pounds eleven ounces that I asked the nurse to weigh him twice.  He went from the 11th to the 50th percentile in two weeks!  It really shows in his adorable little cheeks, which are starting to plump out quite nicely.  We've seen a couple of genuine smiles (or at least what seem like genuine smiles) in response to voices or kisses, but they're still pretty rare.  He almost always gets a sly grin like he knows a good secret when he's milk-drunk or while he's sleeping.  His eye contact is more direct now and I always wonder what he's thinking when he stares at us with that quizzical little expression. 

Dear little Matteo, we will always...

1.  Love you more each day.
2.  Make you feel safe.
3.  Tell you how beautiful and loved you are. 

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  1. You guys look so great Xander had colic too.. It is no fun but it does pass and get better.. Also it helped some when I took dairy out of my diet. You have such a beautiful little family make sure to take care of you too :)