Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Papa's Day, Part 2.

For Father's Day, Matteo gave Chris a cute little outfit that he thought his papa would like to see him in.  Chris has been working out in the garden a lot lately, so he also got a new hose, some garden gloves, a clematis to climb up the trellis and a framed picture of his baby boy.  

 {To celebrate, I made chocolate cake.} 

 {Matteo was a great little helper.} 

 {But cake-making is exhausting work!}

{Our afternoon snack with iced coffee.}

 {I fear my son is a future coffee addict, like his papa.}


 {In the afternoon, Matteo and papa read a little Machiavelli together.}

 {Matteo was not a huge fan.}

{Who reads this stuff during summer vacation, anyway?!}

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