Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seventh heaven.

Matteo's seventh week has been so much fun for me.  He still has his crying periods, but he also has several alert periods during the day now, too.  He loves to lay in his crib, happily kicking his little legs, and stare at his mamma.  He'll actually follow my face with his whole head as I move from side to side and he always looks happy to see me if I leave for a minute.  It's also pretty easy to make him smile during these times.  Up to now, it seems like we've mostly been trying to survive his awake periods--usually trying to get him to go to sleep so he'll stop crying.  Now, I actually look forward to talking, reading and playing with him while he's awake.  It is so amazing to have these precious moments every day.  I find myself really falling in love with our little baby over and over again.  My heart has been so full this week as we see the first signs of a little person and personality emerging. 

A few notes.  We bought the little cloud outfit at a Saturday market in Perugia last summer.  It's already on its way to being too small!  "Go, Dog.  Go!" is a new favorite book (thank you, Klaus!)  He smiled like crazy when I read it to him--I think he likes the silly Dr. Seuss-style rhythm.  The blue gingham blanket was made for me by my aunt when I was a baby.  I'm so glad my mom saved it (stains and all!)   

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