Friday, August 17, 2012

sweet sixteen.

Little Matteo is sixteen weeks old today!  He's holding his head up pretty well now and he attempts to sit up whenever we put him in his car seat or bouncy chair.  (He really doesn't like confining harnesses or seat belts.)  He still needs a little assistance, though (he's sitting here with the help of grandma!)  He's also become very curious about everyone and everything and can easily be distracted (at least for a few seconds) by showing him a new and interesting object (like daddy's car keys or the always fascinating wooden spoon).  He still fusses a lot but he also has so many lovely happy moments throughout the day.  He smiles whenever he sees Una the beagle sniffing around for treats and we discovered this afternoon that he loooves Etta James.  His smile still melts my heart every time. 

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  1. He is so sweet Adrianne! Can't believe he's almost 4 months. I love to read about all his new discoveries and see your beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!