Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunday Soup Day: Zuppa per Settembre {September Soup}

Now that Matteo is nearly five months old and will be eating solid foods soon, I've been thinking more about the kinds of family food traditions we'd like to put in place.  I've decided to revive my old graduate school habit of making soup on Sundays.  Yay for Sunday Soup Day!  I love the idea of having something simmering on the stove all morning, making the house fragrant and then having a warm meal to share as a family.  Soups are also a great way to use up the leftover vegetable odds and ends that we accumulate during the week.  This Sunday I made "September Soup."  It's the perfect prelude to fall with warming ingredients, like paprika and red onion (I also added half of a green chile from the garden for a little extra heat), and the perfect postlude to summer because it's a great way to use up herbs and that final tomato harvest.  I used a mix of roma, cherry and plum tomatoes.  For dinner we paired it with some crusty bread and a pat of lemon herb butter.  Yumm.

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  1. this look amazing. If you get a moment could you send me the recipe?