Tuesday, September 22, 2015


*A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015*

Matteo:  Counting your coins.  Santa has promised to bring you a piggy bank for Christmas, but in the meantime, you've been saving your money in this big glass jar.  You love to "count" your precious coins, which is usually a process of shaking them around vigorously and then dumping them out on the floor before dropping them back in the jar again.  When we ask you what you're saving for, you usually say something very meaningful, like candy or milkshakes.  Last night, though, you told us that you wanted to buy fish.  Recently, Papa took you to buy some goldfish for the tank at your school.  You were so excited to deliver them!  When I asked you what their names are, you gave me a list of the names of your friends at school.  How sweet!  I love that this experience was so meaningful for you that buying fish has become more important even than milkshakes.

Lilah: You gained a pound this week!  I'm so proud of us!  You are still so tiny, so when the nurse put you on the scale, I felt deliriously happy to see so much growth in such a short time.  This week, you are slowly starting to open your eyes more in between long stretches of napping.  You still prefer to be up at night, usually timing your waking schedule with the exact moment that I lay down to sleep.  We are all a little sleep deprived as a result.  Your cheeks are really starting to fill out, and I think I even saw the beginnings of a double chin today!  Nothing makes this Mama happier than seeing her baby grow a little more each day.

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