Sunday, July 3, 2016


*A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016*

Matteo's Dream Journal:

Entry 1:
Mama and Matteo were riding on a whale.  We went to the library.  The whale got a whale book and Matteo checked out a Halloween book and Mama checked out a line book.  And then we went to lots of fun places.  And then they went home and went to bed because it was nighttime.  And the whale went to bed in Matteo's bed because I like to snuggle with whales.  I wish I had a whale!

Entry 2:
I was riding on a whale with Mama.  The whale was sick but then he felt better cause he sleeped and sleeped and sleeped.  Rise and shine, everybody, it's a beautiful day! 

Entry 3:
I was swimming in a big sink!

Entry 4:
It's a secret.  I can't tell you until Monday.

Entry 5:
Matteo and Mama were baking lots of cakes--chocolate cakes, strawberry cakes and cupcakes and we were eating 'em all up!

Lilah: You have been sitting up like this for a couple of weeks now, but haven't quite started crawling yet.  Any day now, you'll be on the move!

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