Thursday, October 1, 2015


 *A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015*

Matteo: Avoiding nap time with your whole arsenal.  I am constantly surprised by how big you have gotten and how much you have developed both physically and in your language and reasoning skills.  When I think of everything you are accomplishing, I am a little nostalgic for how quickly it has all gone but also fiercely proud of you.  In all honesty, though, you have really been challenging us lately.  Your love of the word 'no' and hobby of flat out not listening have really propelled you to a new level of naughty this week.  You are also pinching and poking us at every opportunity.  I'm trying very hard to shower you with patience and attention, since I know bringing home a new baby has probably affected you way more than anyone knows.  I have to assume that you are testing us to see if we will still love you even at your most defiant (which, at times, can actually be hilarious, like calling me a "poopy face," or telling me you're going to pee on the floor.)  I've decided that time outs really aren't at all effective and that it's better to calmly explain why we don't poke mommy in the ear.  All we can do for now is love you a little harder, hold you a little closer, and hope that we come out the other side of this preschool power trip relatively unscathed.

Lilah: One of the biggest delights of having a new baby is these tiny TOES.  I could kiss them forever.

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